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God Has Been So Good 2 Me T-shirt Medium (M) to Extra Large (XL)

Part Number 231
God Has Been So Good 2 Me T-shirt Medium (M) to Extra Large (XL)
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God has been Good 2 You with this great t-shirt M - XL.

These beautiful words embroidered (not pressed) into this shirt should be reminders to us to be thankful everyday for the goodness and grace of God. He has indeed been so good to us. 

In every way, His love reaches out to us with overflowing blessings of tenderness, provision and care.  Do you remember that children's song: "God is good to me, God is good to me.  He holds my hand.  He helps me stand.  God is good to me."  Think on His many blessings as you wear this shirt.


Medium, Large and Extra Large


Gold, Pink, Light Blue, Red, Navy, Dark Blue, Brown, Light Tan, White and Black

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